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How much do you charge?

We don't have a fixed price.

What's your price?

We set our price after taking in to consideration; how much you have in your budget, what you want made, where it needs to be shot, who needs to be casted, what props are needed etc.

What is a budget?

A 'Budget' is how much money you're willing to spend on your visuals. This goes towards, equipment hire, locations, travel, food, casting, styling, props, data storage, pre and post-production etc.  

What's the process of shooting a video?

We listen to your song or read your brief for your project. We make a written treatment and video treatment (moodvideo) which details what our answer to your brief is. From there we set a meeting, discuss how the budget (via a budget breakdown) for the video will be spent and then we lock in a shoot date.

What is a treatment?

A treatment is a written document that presents the plan that we have for your music video/ad/short film.

What is a budget breakdown?

A document which clearly shows how the budget you have specified will be spent. Detailing how much money will be spent on every specific detail that is going towards making your video.